Embody the heart and mind of a Paralympian.

This experience strives to change perceptions of disability through VR and the immersive web.

Explore five uplifting stories from Paralympians. Stand beside them and witness the emotions that define their most challenging, and rewarding moments.

Katie Kelly
Emotion: Trust

Lex Gillette
Emotion: Courage

Chan Ho Yuen
Emotion: Love

Mohammad Abbas Karimi
Emotion: Loneliness

Birgit Skarstein
Emotion: Power

What is RAW?

RAW is an interactive WebXR experience that aims to positively impact perceptions of disability.

The experience was designed in a collaboration between the International Paralympic Committee, Facebook & PHORIA.

Access RAW in Virtual Reality, or on desktop and mobile devices.

Follow the hashtag #Paralympics and share #RawParalympics on social media.